The Cocturachef is a low temperature cooking chambers which allows a warm food keeping.

Its accurate temperature control system and its humidifying device, preserves the food quality during and after cooking.

Very practical, the Cocturachef is easy to carry with its integrated carrying handles.
Cocturachef is manufactured by the french company PACOCLEAN.

The Gustochef is the leader of the vacuum low temperature cooking systems.

This sous-vide bath is essential for all professional kitchens.

Packed in a vacuum bag, the food can be cooked on a low temperature bath from 25 °C to 99,9°C.
The Gustochef great performance is due to its high temperature control accuracy ± 0,1 °C.
Gustochef is manufactured by the french company PACOCLEAN.

The CAB : A unique solution for a convenient use of the Pacojet in all kinds of situations.

The CAB is a dedicated noiseless box concept for the Pacojet which allows much better working conditions in the kitchens.
Perfectly integrated, it can be fixed on the wall or put in the kitchen at a suitable place.
The Pacojet is protected against external dirt.
Very practical its drawer allows the storage of Pacojet accessories.
The CAB is manufactured by the french company PACOCLEAN.


      • Strong noise reduction
      • Efficient protection of the Pacojet
      • Includes a 9 litres drawer for additional storage


      • Dimensions W x D x H (mm) : 355 x 475 x 725
      • Empty weigt : 30 kg
      • Maximum loading weight : 20 kg
      • Machine feet : Vibration absorbing feet
      • Capacity drawer : 9l
      • Covering : Stainless steel